Mendocino, California
All puppies are registered with the American Coton Club, ACC.  Visit the club's website at:    www.americancotonclub.com
Sakaiza's and Tsaratanana's 1st litter of puppies,
Lexi, Max, Rudy, Nellie, Tiana and Griswald (in back), born September 1999.
Sakaiza and Tsara with Cheryl Conwell, grandparents of our March  2007 and recent 2009 litters - no longer breeding they are happily retired at the foot of our bed.  See Sakaiza and Tsaratanana's page for more pictures and information.

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I am an Amercian Coton Club, ACC Code of Ethics Breeder.  I have 5 cotons, 2 males and 3 females.  All four have passed all health tests required by the  ACC to breed.  All puppies come with a health and temperment guarantee and are registered with ACC.
By the time puppies are ready to go home, they have been started with crate training, sleeping in their own crates at night.  They have had all necessary vet check-ups and are socialized daily with car rides and outings.  They have lots of experience getting groomed and bathed, with nails trimmed weekly.  They live with us in our home and are conditioned to all the sights, sounds and smells of family life.   
We have no puppies available at this time.  
The following photos were taken by Don Ayres a well know pet photographer who resides in Santa Rosa, CA.   All puppies are from Tantely's 2005 litter, fathered by Sakaiza.
Bentley of Heaven Sent with his new best friend .
LuLu of Heaven Sent and Jolie of Heaven Sent, sisters and best of friends
Yogi Bear of Heaven Sent, a little love
Jolie of Heaven Sent, a real sweetheart puppy
Bentley in a perfect pose for the camera.
Take a peek at my 2 beautiful females, Tantely and Mocha - both are very rare and unique colors .  Also, grandparents, Sakaiza and Tsara have their own page - a work in progress.
Max of Heaven Sent
Max and Tantely 2007
Max of Heaven Sent is the father of our 2 litters of puppies, Mocha's born April 27, 2009 and Tantely's born  May 1, 2009.  Max was born black and white and still retains lots of silver coloring.  He is the son of our Tsara and Sakaiza from their very 1st litter and the perfect combination of his mom and dad (see him 2nd from left in photo at right).  Both Tsara and Sakaiza are now spayed/neutered.  This is an exciting breeding for us.  Stay tuned for pictures of  puppies as they grow.
Max of Heaven Sent - The Proud Father
Max at 8 weeks old
Tantely and some of her puppies, Bentley and Yogi are 2 examples of the color  I referred to as "honey bears".  This is a carmel or "honey" coloring which comes in various shades.  Honey bears are born with only slight bits of white, usually on feet, chest and sometimes face.  This coloring does not fade away to white but I have seen it lighten to a beige but always darkeneds up the next time they "blow " their coat.  This is my favorite color of coton!!!!!!!
Coton de Tulear
Mocha's and Tantely's last litter of puppies born in March of 2007.  Max was also father to both litters.
Madison holding Brownie and Sprinkles, 3 cuties, all sweethearts.
Family Owned and Raised
Mendocino, California - a walk on the Mendocino Headlands August 21, 2009
The ocean pounding in the background this is one of our favorite walks.
Sprinkles, Rocky peeking over mom, Mocha, Sakaiza, Tsara and in back Tiako , Tantely and Sunny
Sakaiza, Sprinkles, Tsara, Tantely and Tiako in front- everyone else in back and no, no Rocky I can't pick you up right now
Yes, there are 9 of us in this picture and that's including me.
Tiako Be Annano, 
translated from Malagsy his name means 
"Love You So Much"
He's the newest addition to our family
A Malagasy Coton de Tulear  
Tiako was born mostly black with a few bits of pure white on his chest, one front paw tipped in white and the other front paw has a white socking.  His pitch black color has faded just a bit in true coton fashion, on his face and front legs to a silvery gray.  His mother, Mainty, was also born mostly black and has retained her most of her black coloring - her face also lightened and faded a bit. 
As a puppy we were approached on several occasions by folks commenting that Tiako reminded them of Bo Obama.  If you goggle Bo you will see the resemblance in coloring, but 2 very different breeds.  
  We are hoping to breed Tiako once he has passed all his health requirements. He has the best personality, outgoing, smart and a real sweetheart.  He has fit into our pack perfectly. 
     Tiako Be Annano - We love him so MUCH!!!!!